Tuesday, September 2, 2014

August in Review:: Happy Mail, Delayed Plans and What's on My Plate! (oh, AND a Giveaway!)

August, where did it go? I swear I blinked and POOF, it was gone!

Let's start out with good news... HAPPY MAIL!
Loads of Happy Mail received.

This is in NO specific order -

Diana Fait, a long time Facebook friend, sent me old newspaper clippings from her college days, some cool stamped images and very cool painted papers she created.

Judi Parker sent me a really cool postcard sized piece of her artwork. She created it with nailpolish! And her envie was cool too, look at the flap locking tab she made.

Fiona Pyle, my new friend from Australia who I met on Youtube, sent me these beautiful colored papers and look at my butterfly!

Donetta Farrington, a friend I met on Swap-Bot, sent me some goodies - some punchinella, cheesecloth, foil paper, and an altered puzzle piece. She also did a great job decorating the envie. Check out her work with ATC's on her Flickr, they are small pieces of art. 

Anne Ryan, a Facebook friend from GELATIN PRINTING ENTHUSIASTS, admittedly got carried away. She was SUPPOSED to send only FIVE pieces of colored paper, but she went crazy! 

Alicia Russell,
 a Facebook friend from JUNK JOURNAL JUNKIES, sent me goodies for making a Junk Journal which included paint swatches, local postcards and tourist pamphlets and misc junk mail and ads.

Amy Van Dyke, another Facebook friend from GELATIN PRINTING ENTHUSIASTS, sent me the most amazing gelli prints! She also sent me a super-cute magnet she made from her gelli prints, as well as a bookmark. I love all the color! Yup, I'm spoiled!

Tiffany Goff Smith, long time beady buddy, and NOW mixed media, sent me a mailart envie packed with yumminess! The envie alone is a gift, but she also included some of her glue gun stencils, gelli prints and other cute paper goodies! CHECK out Tiffany's Youtube Channel.

and... Thrifty Lou, my new Youtube friend from the UK. Thrifty Lou is known for her junk journals and I can see why! She made me a special blue journal and it is just SCRUMPTIOUS! All these cool papers and "bits and bobs"! Her sweet daughter, Lottie, sent me two cool loom bracelets, the blue one went on my arm IMMEDIATELY!! (Love you Lottie!) and Lou also sent me some yummy candy (you know where that went IMMEDIATELY!) Be sure to check out her Youtube Channel, she is a hoot!

And last but certainly not least, one of besties, Cheryl Foiles sent me a really special package. She sent me papers she made with alcohol inks, all very cool. PLUS she sent me this gorgeous enameled pendant. It is so yummy, I love the color. 

Cheryl does A-MAZING metal work, check out her etsy shop!

AREN't I the luckiest girl? All these generous, loving people in my life. I AM truly BLESSED!

Delayed Plans - the color wheel project. I just was not able to get as much done as I had planned. I DID start sorting out the papers I received (A for effort!). 
I decided to change the design. I want to fill up more wall space so I decided to cover blank LETTERS to spell out the words "COLORFUL LIFE" (need 12 letters for the basic color wheel).

What's on my plate - Well besides a few small paying projects and one-on-one swaps, I am also devoting many hours to raising funds and awareness for Alzheimer's Disease. I lost my sister Jill* last year to this damn disease. I really wish no one else had to deal with it, but until they figure it out, it is NOT preventable or curable. SO, we need to raise the money for more research, more resources for those living with the disease and for the caregivers who give so much of their lives! 

If you can find it in your heart and pocket, to give even $5,  I would truly appreciate it. You can give directly using my personal fundraising page following the link below.

Give generously!


* for more info on my quest you can read more about it here:


This month's prize is a
 set of TSD notecards. 

Includes (6) 4"x6" notecards and envelopes. 
In your choice of several designs.

See my shop TORISOPHIA on Redbubble 
for available designs!

Thursday, August 21, 2014


Okay, so, here we are AGAIN. I need a dose of accountability! I am getting out of control again. Too many to-do lists!  I have been found in my PJ's out in the yard, wandering in circles!  
Google Earth photo of the IS art though!

Better do SOMETHING before it gets worse(and I make the 10 o'clock News!)

These are things I tend to do when I am overwhelmed. And of course, AS USUAL, I only have myself to blame.

So as I lay in bed this morning, swimming in design ideas,

 which I just KNEW I'd remember, 
OF COURSE I would as they were so fabulous!
 Yup, I lost them. 
Don't fret, they will wander back through.
 Probably during another RARE calm moment.

Oh, I was saying..swimmming in ideas while in bed. Yes, um, what was I talking about again?

OH YEAH, and I decided to get back on my schedule. A very well thought out schedule, mind you, with charts and everything! 

What a sick mind!
 What can I say in my defense? 
It's just the accountant in me!

Anyways....I am trying to start being ACCOUNTABLE as of today, August 21, 2014. I need to work my way up to following the schedule to the "t".SLOWLY! For instance,  the SCHEDULE says check email and social media at 7AM, 12PM and then again at 5PM, and only for 30 minutes! Oh hell, I really need to work on that! So I will jossle (juggle + toss) it around a bit this first week.

Like I tell my kids - BABY STEPS!

Of course I can NOT function in the current state of my studio space. So that's my first task. AND, just to make myself ACCOUNTABLE I am showing photos! Here goes. 

DON'T Judge!!

Just like you (come clean!), I HAVE been down this road before. Here was how it looked back in March of this year.

Took me almost a whole month to get everything sorted and back in there.(this is just one view of the mess I had then)

AND here is TODAY,

                 DON'T Judge!!

Here are the highlights for you,

And just to torture myself in hopes it will get my butt in gear I leave this on my chair when I leave for the day!

Um, it's NOT working.

So there it tis, my dirty little secret! FEELS GREAT to out myself and come CLEAN!
 (oh, did I show you the piles in the living room?!)

I will keep you updated 
(well, if I am successful AND 
if I can fit it in my schedule!)


Monday, August 18, 2014

New DESTASH group started!

As I change TORI SOPHIA Designs over from ceramics to mixed media art I decided to share the ceramic components and jewelry pieces I still have available with my friends. So I opened a destash group on Facebook. It works a little differently than most destash groups I have been a part of in the past. I will post only a small amount of items per week, and to begin, just one day a week. I will post the items for PREVIEW on Saturday but won't start the SALE until Sundays at 7pm EST. This will keep people from impulse buying* as well as make it fair to all. If everyone has a chance to look it over, before the feeding frenzy starts - that's better in my view.

* YOU know we are ALL impulsive bead hoarders! - "Ooooh, SHINY, want!" - sound familiar?! LOL

A few of this week's offerings:

It's my wish that my pieces NOT be purchased for resale purposes (other than in your own designs) so I have made the decision not to sell in bulk or wholesale to resellers. I don't care if people buy my jewelry and then take it apart and repurpose it, to me that's art and I can only HOPE to be a part of their process. But to buy with the intent to turn around and sell them, even in bead soups, that doesn't appeal to me. And these are my babies! :) 

I hope people understand and aren't offended. These pieces are apart of me. I never mass produced any of my pieces, except in limited number or as part of a series. WITH THAT SAID, if you would like to become a member please stop by....Viewings start Saturdays with SALE beginning Sundays at 7PM EST. Thanks!

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